Colorado Multisport opened its doors in 2016 in Boulder, Colorado as a specialty triathlon store. The store has 8 employees and generated around $20,000 in rental revenue in 2018. Gearo conducted a phone interview with Caitlin, the Sales Floor Manager of Colorado Multisport.


Prior to choosing Gearo, Colorado Multisport faced a few issues that led them to seek a different booking platform. These included the issue of customers paying during pickup rather than booking. When a customer booked a rental and cancelled, the business would lose money as well as the potential opportunity for another customer to rent that equipment. Colorado Multisport also struggled with long customer times spent in-store during peak season. This also was attributed to paying at the time of pickup, but also due to having to get gear ready for the customer during their visit. As a triathlon store in Boulder, a town with many outdoor races, their ideal in-store experience would complete transactions as quickly as possible.


The ultimate reason that Colorado Multisport chose Gearo as their booking platform was Gearo’s ability to decrease customer time spent in-store. With its added functionality to collect payment while booking, Gearo eliminated the time-consuming process of in-store payment. Colorado Multisport also increased efficiency by using Gearo’s add-on capabilities. Add-ons allowed the company to collect information like a customer’s height and weight, or offer the customer insurance on their rentals prior to pickup before they came into the store. This enabled the store to have equipment completely ready for customers upon pickup, dramatically reducing time wasted waiting in the store.