What we do

A curated marketplace for outdoor gear.

We’re on a mission to simplify the outdoor gear discovery process. To make this happen, we partner with the best rental retailers around, equipping them with the tools they need to grow and thrive while providing gear-seekers with virtual aisles of bookable and shoppable gear.

Every transaction generated through Gearo helps our retailers grow and flourish. Shop Gearo and Support Local.

Gear Rentals

Find any type of outdoor gear you are looking for and book it through one of our incredible retailers. 

Gear For Sale

Shop quality outdoor gear for sale at the best prices through our outdoor retailer community. 


Browse outdoor experiences and excursions and book your next adventure with one of our retailers.

Retailer Software

We built Gearo Automator with and for our retailers to extend their online rental and sales presence.

Who we are

“a mutually beneficial community of retailers and adventure-seekers.”

Gearo was spun out of the realization that gear accessibility needed to be improved. Justine first started Gearo after a failed paddleboard rental attempt where she then contemplated buying and then ultimately did neither.

After many conversations with retailers, it became all-to-apparent that between retailer bandwidth and current technology options, the space was greatly underserved. So, Gearo was born – a mutually beneficial community of retailers and adventure-seekers.

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Leave chaos as is but cause it to evolve.

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Our Team Values

Integrity: We are a values-first team and make all decisions with our retailers’ and customers’ best interests at heart. 

Human: We are an outdoor company run by outdoor enthusiasts. Our goal is to get more people geared up for the activities we love.  

Collaborative: We are committed to working with our community to build the best Gearo experience possible.

Innovative: We are a forward-thinking team that is redefining the gear discovery process. 

Vision Alchemist

Justine Barone

Justine dreams of a world where retailers, brands, and customers can all be bonded together in a mutually beneficial way. A world where brands have their retailer’s best interests at heart. She is passionate about tearing down the current barriers that exist for outdoor retailers and helping the Gearo community thrive one transaction at a time.  

Retailer Advocate

Dana Lenhoff

Dana loves connecting and learning from outdoor retailers. As someone who supports local every time she can, her passion for building the Gearo network of retailers goes way beyond business numbers and is close to her heart.