One of the best things about Denver is its easy access to a variety of outdoor activities. The city is perfectly located near great mountain biking trails. You don’t have to drive hours and hours to find a great place to explore on the bike. The trails listed below are close enough to the city for an afternoon rip or an extended lunch break. 


William F. Hayden Park–Green Mountain Trail 

Only 20 minutes west of Denver, this trail has some great variety. It is around 6.5 miles with one challenging ascent along with some mellow sections. The park has 6 other trails that are shorter in distance for those looking for a quick ride. 


North Table Mountain Park–West Loop 

This 15.4 mile trail is perfect for beginners looking to practice their skills. North Table Mountain Park is located 30 minutes from downtown Denver, and has a variety of other trails to explore. The West Loop is a longer ride with great ascents and technical sections for the less experienced rider. 


Waterton Canyon

This trail, located around 30 minutes from Denver, is for those looking for a gravel cruise. It consists of an out and back trail of about 13 miles along the South Platte River. Many locals flock to this trail for a midday workout on its wide gravel road. As of now, the canyon is only open on weekdays and much less busy than usual.  


Buffalo Creek–Little Scraggy Trail Loop

Buffalo Creek is a well known foothills mountain biking destination. The trail system has something for riders of every skill level. The Little Scraggy Trail Loop is 12.6 miles of amazing forest shade and mountain views along with technical options and open sections. 


Mount Falcon 

Mount Falcon, located about 30 minutes from Downtown, is a perfect destination for a quick mountain bike ride. There are two entrances to the park, a west entry and an entrance near Morrison, CO. The Morrison entrance has some great steep and technical sections. There are 11 park miles total to explore but many of the trails are broken in smaller sections which make it easy to create your own adventure. 


These are just a couple of examples of the hundreds of mountain biking trails near Denver. If you are looking to rent a mountain bike for your next ride, Gearo has you covered. Check out our website for mountain bike rentals near Denver!

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