Denver is a surprisingly great place for stand up paddleboarding. Whether you are an avid paddler or wanting to try for the first time, Denver is a great place for both. Here are our favorites spots to break out the paddleboard near Denver. 


Chatfield State Park

Located a little over 30 minutes away from downtown, Chatfield is a local go-to for watersports. The main reservoir is open to motorized boats and can get a bit busy on the weekends. Paddleboarding along the shore of the main reservoir is possible for the more advanced paddler, but the adjacent reservoir just south is great for beginners and children. 


Union Reservoir Nature Area

This reservoir is a great location for paddlers from both the Denver and Boulder area. It is about an hour north of downtown Denver. No motorized boats are allowed on the reservoir, so the water is very calm and perfect for paddleboarding. 


St. Vrain State Park 

St. Vrain State Park is a perfect location for paddleboard enthusiasts. It is far enough from Denver to avoid the crowds but definitely still a convenient distance. The park itself has a great selection of trails and discovery centers for kids to explore as well. 


Dillon Reservoir: Dillon, CO

Located around 1 hour and 20 minutes from Denver, this reservoir boasts beautiful views as it is completely surrounded by mountains. There are a multitude of activities available along its shores, but it is a perfect location for a scenic day on a paddleboard. Although it is a bit further away from Denver, it is well worth the drive. 


Wherever you decide to take your next paddle boarding adventure, we wish you calm waters and sunny skies! 

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