How Can Gearo Help You?

Our unique technology provides both our marketplace and booking platform vendors with competitive and empowering benefits that cannot be found anywhere else on the web.

Through our comprehensive and personal online dashboard for your shop, we provide:

✓ Advanced Inventory Management 

✓ Real-time Rental Management Calendar

✓ Comprehensive Order Summaries 

✓ Intuitive Dashboard and Reporting

✓ Signature-based Terms and Conditions waivers 

✓ Sophisticated Website Integration API 

No marketing budget? No problem. We eat, breath and sleep growth marketing so your business can gain more exposure. We offer:

✓ Direct Marketing to Target Market

✓ Booking Automation for Consumer Convenience

✓ Search Engine Optimization 

✓ Intuitive Interface for Consumers

Gearo understands that most outdoor gear shops don’t have the bandwidth to have a marketing department in-hour or someone who focuses solely on the operations. We want to be that marketing and operations department for you, so you can save time and money, and keep doing what you love.

Gearo is revolutionizing the outdoor gear industry by making purchases and rentals more accessible and efficient. We are bridging the gap between millennials and gear shops by providing a universal language for everyone. 

The Gearo Booking Platform

Learn more about each specific tool our Booking Platform offers by hovering over the image!


The home page offers a quick and easy way to view analytics and overall transactions for the shop. Shops can view their monthly earnings, orders, and their transactional history through an accessible chart.

Rentals Calendar

This page provides a monthly, weekly, and daily calendar to view and manage real-time rental orders. Our calendar allows shop owners to drill into orders by the hour, day, week or month. Whenever a rental order is placed by the customer, the calendar automatically updates with the transaction details.


Shops can leverage the customers page to view and export their customer details including their names, e-mails, locations and total spending in the shop.

Dashboard continued

The dashboard also provides in-depth analytics and charts of Sales by Product, Order History, and notifications of new activity for the shop.


The orders page is a quick and easy way to look at all transaction details including order number, customer name, amount paid, current status and dates. Shops can update order statuses. Order information can also be printed or exported to PDF, Excel, or CSV.


The reports page provides an in-depth analytics with visuals of sales performance of your shop during any given time period. Charts of Sales by Product, Average Gross Daily Sales, and Total earnings are provided.


The products page stores all shop inventory and product listings. Each listing has the ability to add a plethora of detail to the product, including; product images, available hours, inventory stock quantity. Pricing is sophisticated, designed specifically to meet various gear rentals needs. 


The booking platform allows shops to create promotional coupons for their rental products. Shops can set the code, type of coupon, amount, usage limit and expiration date.


In settings shops can customize their visuals and their key information, such as shop name, phone number, store hours, address, and Terms and Conditions. Shops also have control over payment methods, shipping options, social media, SEO and vacation modes.