Refer a shop. Earn cash.

Share Gearo, Get $100

Better together (a rising tide lifts all ships…)

Tell your fellow gear shops about Gearo and we’ll reward you for the intro. For every referral that joins Gearo, we’ll give you $100 or a month free (whatever you prefer). And guess what?! The retailer you refer will also get a gift of $50 if they use Gearo for their booking platform!


What are you waiting for?

Just copy and paste the message below into an email and send it to shop owners you know to start earning.

Hey (name here)!

I thought you might be interested in what this new start-up is doing. They are similar to Kayak but instead of booking hotels and flights, they are building a community where you book gear. They are currently in the process of building their marketplace out to launch to consumers and push more traffic to outdoor gear shops. They also have inventory and customer management, real-time calendars and awesome reports.

I’m currently using Gearo as my booking platform to manage my shop’s operations online and in store. Gearo was built specifically for outdoor gear shops.

Let me know if you are interested and I’ll forward your email to them and get you both connected. The best part is that they will give you $50 to join! Here is their site!

-(your name here)