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1) THIS IS A CONTRACT. By making payment on this invoice you are entering into a contract for the rental of camping and hiking equipment, and/or a contract for trip planning services which may include the acquisition of permits and transportation arrangements. If you disagree with any of the terms and conditions stated herein you must object prior to making any payment.

2) RENTER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO UNDERSTAND EQUIPMENT AND LIMITATIONS. Timothy Dube, Capitol Hill Outfitters, Sterling Pond LLC, its employees or contractors, and the manufacturers of the equipment rented will not be held liable for the renter’s negligent use of any equipment. It is each renter's responsibility to understand how to use any rented equipment properly. This includes the use of stoves and the assembly of tents. Tents damaged during set-up will be considered broken by the customer unless there is clear evidence otherwise. See the DAMAGES policy below. For trip planning, it is each participant's responsibility to understand his or her physical limits and assess the risks of any outdoor activity.

3) PARTIAL PAYMENTS MAY BE REQUIRED. For large or complicated orders, or those for several months out, we may require an initial partial payment of up to 30% to continue the reservation process. If we need this partial payment to proceed, we will tell you this in plain language. This partial payment tentatively secures your items while we work out final quantities and/or dates. This partial payment is refundable for any orders canceled at least 36 hours in advance of your pickup window. Payment is required in full prior to picking up your order. See the TRANSFERABLE CREDIT POLICY below for further information.

4) PAYMENT IN FULL PRIOR TO PICKUP. Reservations are not confirmed until payment is made in full. This includes reservations with partial payments (see above). Orders cannot be picked up until they are paid in full. Capitol Hill Outfitters reserves the right to swap similar products at the time of pick up based on availability, cleanliness, or unforeseen circumstances.

5) SECURITY DEPOSIT. We add a deposit based on the size of the order to all invoices. Please return tents dry and free of all dirt and forest byproducts (pine needles, sand, leaves). Please return all stoves free of grease and food byproduct. Wash with hot water and soap (or run through a dishwasher) eating and cooking vessels (pots, pans, cups, bowls, sporks, grill implements). The legs of chairs, either side of a tarp, bottoms of coolers should not have dirt on them. Shake out, but do not wash, sleeping bags or sleeping bag liners. If you have questions on how to care for your gear after your trip and before you return, please ask us at pick-up. Wet items and/or those failing to meet the cleanliness standard will result in will result in the surrender of the security deposit but might not satisfy the charges in full. Customer agrees to pay any remaining balances after returning items. We charge a half of the weekend rental rate for each item rented that is returned wet or dirty and requires extra time to turn around for the next customer. The fee schedule for missing or broken items is below. Upon return of dry equipment and clean, a refund for the outstanding balance of the security deposit will be processed.

6) PICKUP AND RETURN WINDOWS. Rental orders are to be picked up and returned Monday or Thursday afternoons during the times designated in your invoice, unless special arrangements have already been made. Reservations that cannot be picked up or returned on Mondays or Thursdays may incur an off-cycle fulfilment surcharge of 10% of the order, for each leg, subject to availability and advance agreement by Capitol Hill Outfitters. (E.g., a Wednesday pick-up and Sunday return may have an extra 20% surcharge.) See

LATE FEESand MISSING or BROKEN ITEMS below should you not return by the designated time on your designated return date.

7) DAMAGES POLICY. Renter agrees to take care with gear when in outdoor environments and protect them from fire, weather, and animal related damage, including using proper food storage techniques. Do not spray or rub insect repellant on any rented gear. For items damaged beyond repair (to include extensive cigar, cigarette, marijuana, campfire, vaping, other smoke-related damage and insect repellant odors), renters will be charged the full retail replacement cost of the item as posted new on the manufacturer’s website, Amazon, or REI as applicable. The fee schedule for missing or broken parts of rented items is below. If you have any questions on the use your rented equipment, please ask us at the time of pick-up. The security deposit will be surrendered as a payment toward this charge but might not satisfy the charges in full. Customer agrees to pay any remaining balances after returning items.

8) TRANSFERABLE CREDIT POLICY. Camping is an outdoor endeavor, and we cannot be responsible for rain or snow or other weather events during your trip. Instead, we can add any number of items to help you build out a dry and warm campsite in most kinds of weather. Customers who cancel in whole or in part at least 24 hours before the agreed upon pick-up date will be issued a fully transferable credit, minus any applicable transaction fees charged by the financial intermediary (e.g., PayPal, VenMo, or Gearo). Absent extreme extenuating circumstances, customers may reschedule only once. Additional cancelations will result in forfeited funds. Capitol Hill Outfitters may impose more stringent refund or pre-payment policies on large or difficult-to-fulfill orders (see below). Should terms outside of these general terms be applied, customer will be notified in advance. Any cancellation on the pick-up date or a no-show for pick up is not refundable or subject to an offer of a transferable credit.

9) GROUP ORDERS. For groups of more than 6 people, we reserve the right to impose additional terms and conditions, with advance written notice. These include requiring a single point-of-contact for order intake who will also be there at gear pick-up and return, prepayment, initial partial payment as described above, tighter cancellation and unused gear policy terms than those described below, and larger security deposits.

10) UNUSED GEAR POLICY. Once paid in full, all rentals are final, even if some items are not used. If a renter wishes to cancel part of his or her order, advance notice of at least 24 hours is required, and the renter will be issued a transferable credit per the policy stated above or a refund per the company’s discretion. For any defective gear, we will provide a full refund for the entire rental period for any such items.

11) SAME DAY ADD-ONS. Customers may add items to their order same day including on-premises, but payment is due in full at the time of pick-up. The item will be handwritten onto the final invoice, or a new invoice will issued after the fact showing the added equipment.

12) LATE FEES and MISSING or BROKEN ITEMS: For any orders or specific items not returned during the designated return date and time in your invoice, customer will pay 40% of the weekend rental fee per day, each day, until the item is returned or up until its full retail price is satisfied. Items expected to be returned on a Monday could be reserved the following Thursday. We need this time to inspect and turn around gear. Failure to return items in time jeopardizes someone else’s reservation. The fee schedule for missing items from within an item is below. The security deposit will be surrendered and applied to this charge but might not satisfy the late charge in full. Customer agrees to pay any remaining balances after returning items.

13) COMMUNICATIONS: By submitting online, by email, or by phone a request for information on our services, you consent to be added to our mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Many of our rented items include parts that may become lost or damaged. Those parts are an integral part of the item when rented. We need all of these parts back even if you do not use them.
This table lays out a fee schedule for missing or damaged internal items.

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