You ask and we answer. Here are our favorite frequently asked questions!


How do I become a vendor on the Gearo Marketplace?

It’s as easy as counting to three. On the homepage screen in the top right corner click my account. Then register your outdoor gear shop. Add all of your rentals and sales items there. For support, make sure to reach out to [email protected] If you plan on using the marketplace for all in-store transactional purposes, reach out to support for a discount.

Please note that all outdoor gear shops will be approved prior to having their products live so we can keep the marketplace quality high


Is there a requirement to be approved as a vendor on Gearo? 

Yes, quality is very important to us and therefore we must be selective. We prefer to work with outdoor gear shops who have been in business and have a solid track record.


Does Gearo pre-authorize transactions? 

Yes, it does. Prior to customers renting gear, Gearo will authorize that the card on file has the necessary amount available.


Do I have to use Gearo for foot traffic as well?

No, Gearo is an online marketplace that is completely free to setup. The earnings are commission-based once orders are placed. Gearo has sophisticated booking platform features to manage outdoor gear shop operations on a daily basis. If you would like to use Gearo for all your transactions, a discounted commission is applied. Please contact support for more details and help setting up your store ([email protected]).