Let’s be serious, gear is expensive, it’s big, bulky and just a hassle to deal with….BUT without it, you wouldn’t be able to do some of the things you love. That is why renting might simply be the solution for you.

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Buying outdoor equipment is expensive! When you rent, the upfront cost is significantly lower, and it is a great way to use high quality gear without breaking the bank. For instance, a new paddleboard can cost upwards of $600, however but you can rent one starting around $20 dollars. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a gear intensive activity without making a financially intensive purchase.

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Quality of Gear:

Most rental gear is updated every year or two. This ensures the quality of whatever you are renting. Whether it is a jet ski or a tent, the gear is properly maintained or replaced in order to provide the best experience for the renter. Additionally, if you’re new to an activity, the gear you are renting is likely going to be much nicer than the price point counterparts that are marketed to beginners.  

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Traveling with outdoor equipment is a nightmare. It’s often big, bulky, and just a hassle.  For instance, if you’re flying to California to go surfing for a week, you first have to purchase protective travel bags for your board. Next come the oversize luggage fees, which can run upwards of $200. Picking up the gear at your destination is a far more economic and convenient way of traveling.

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Ability to Try New Things:

Have you always wanted to go mountain biking?  Wondered what it felt like to fly down the mountain bouncing over rocks and roots? Renting allows you to try before you buy.  A full suspension mountain bike costs $5,000+. That is a huge investment to make in something that may not be your cup of tea. It is a safer play to rent until you know that you are ready make a full on commitment to an activity. This will also allow you to try new activities, and different equipment. As you’re learning a new sport, it’s great to explore what you like and don’t like before taking the plunge into owning your own gear. You won’t have a thousand dollar hole in your wallet because of something that didn’t turn out to be right for you. Renting offers you a chance to really hone in one what activities and types of equipment you like before making a commitment to a large, expensive purchase.       

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Demoing Gear:

Rentals are also a great way of demoing (trying out the latest and greatest) gear.  It can help to educate you before you make your next purchase. When renting, you don’t have to worry about disliking a piece of gear as there is no long term commitment. If you have been using the same pair of skis for multiple seasons, you may be thinking about upgrading. However, the ski market is extremely saturated, and it is difficult to narrow down on the selection. Demoing allows you to try out multiple models and see which suit you the best. 

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Keeping your gear in its best condition is no small undertaking. Any snowboarder knows that an opening day announcement means that its time to break out the iron and wax your board, especially if it has been sitting dormant in your garage for the last six months. Rental gear is continuously maintained to ensure its quality and longevity. Speaking from experience, rental skis and boards are inspected every time they come back in the door.

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Gear is meant to be used, not stored. It is far more sustainable to rent the gear which will be used again after you leave rather than buying new equipment every year, especially if you are doing something you may only get to do a couple times a year or if you are traveling and doing something completely new or you could just never do at home. When each item of gear purchased for an individual, it will simply see less usage over its lifetime when compared to rentals. 


Get the “Pro tips” and  “Local Insider Info”

In addition to being purveyors of goods, shops are often staffed by human encyclopedias of the local outdoors scene. Renting gear at your local shop also allows you to ask for the best tips and tricks pertaining to the region. Employees at the shop are generally passionate about where they live and what they do. They know the best spots to go and have insider tips that will be sure elevate your experience.

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